The Falmouth and Exeter Student Union (FXU) experienced record-breaking sales yesterday after all 900 Garden Party tickets available online sold out in just over four hours.

Kim Reay, finance and operations manager at FXU puts the fastest ever sales down to the event’s growing reputation as great value for money amongst the University students.

“We’ve sold out for the last two years so this is the third year we’ve sold out, but it’s the first time we’ve sold out the same day tickets have been on sale,” she said. 

Tickets went on sale at 12:00 and by 16:30 FXU took to Facebook to announce they had all sold out, despite suffering technical difficulties earlier in the day when the website crashed due to a high volume of activity.

However, students who failed to obtain tickets during the four-hour margin are less than happy with FXU’s organisation of the event.

26-year-old Sam Grenville Bennetts, studying English Literature at Falmouth University, said: “Tickets all being released on a single day and selling out online made access hard for anyone studying or working today. The communication was poor and in some places contained blatant lies.”

He went on to add: “The main problems were that there was no apparent increase in tickets since last year despite a growing student body, a problem which has plagued all events this year.”

In response to this, FXU stated that there is no bigger venue on campus but if enough student interest was shown they would explore moving the event to a larger venue in the future.

“We’d be interested if people would pay more if it was, for instance, something like the Masked Ball in a marquee on headland. Obviously there’s transport costs, marquee costs and it might even double the price of the tickets but it’s certainly something we can look at,” said Kim.

Emma Farley, the marketing executive at FXU, additionally adds that due to only one member of staff manning the Garden Party event page on Facebook, FXU were unable to address every query they received once the tickets had gone live.

“We’re going to address those frequently asked questions in a FAQ document on the website today,” Emma said. 

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