Falmouth Fish

Here at Flex we like to put our bodies on the line in the name of proper investigative journalism. So for this issue we’ve bitten the bullet and decided to find out which of the four main fish and chip shops in Falmouth serve up the best grub. It might sound like fun, but we did have to get through some pretty stodgy chips on the way to our verdict.

Cod On The Corner | £6.20 | 4/10
Cod on the Corner came in as the most expensive option and it left quite a bit to be desired. The chips were pretty thick, but quite stodgy and were probably our least favourite out of the four, though there wasn’t much between these and Penmere Fish Bar’s. Unlike the latter however, the fish from Cod on the Corner was slightly disappointing. It didn’t really have much flavour to it and the texture of the fish almost felt grainy or stringy. The batter wasn’t crispy and it wasn’t something that any of us would go back for.

Harbour Lights | £4.25 | 7/10
Harbour Lights were the cheapest, as they had a lunchtime deal on cod and chips (which normally would cost £5.71 including the 10% student discount). In the deal you also get a pot of curry sauce. The “award winning” chips were good in that they were fluffy and slightly crispier than the other two. The fish tasted good initially but was slightly stodgy and not all that flavoursome. That being said, the portion size wasn’t great and we did came across a hair on the fish. Despite this, they generally do deserve the score we gave.

Penmere Fish Bar | £5.30 | 6/10
Let’s start with the positive, the fish is pretty good. It’s a decent portion and the batter is really crispy. It has quite a good flavour and texture to it. The part which lets it down is the chips. Although you get quite a lot of them, the chips are fairly dry and were not very crispy at all. In addition to that, the presentation of the fish and chips left a lot to be desired, having just been packed into some paper and wrapped up. That being said, the fish made an impression on all of us even though the chips let it down.

Rick Stein’s | £6.11 | 9/10
Straight out of the box we were all blown away by how good Rick Stein’s fish and chips were. The chips were the crispiest and tastiest of all the options. The cod was also amazing with really crispy batter and fish which fell apart in your mouth. The speed of which the plate was cleared was an indicator of just how good it actually was. Although it’s on the pricier side, the portion is just right and it’s presented really well with some parsley and slice of lemon to accompany it. There was no doubt that this was the overall winner and we were all in agreement.

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