37 Things Head1) Embark on a pub crawl to every single pub along the high street from the masons arms all the way to The Cutty Sark. Jacobs Ladder is optional due to it not actually being on the high street, but a trip up those steps won’t hurt surely?

2) This one is fairly standard. The skinny dip.

3) We live in Cornwall so there are no excuses for anyone who doesn’t try their hand at surfing at some point during the three years!

4) Get a picture with the staff in Bayside – because why not.

5) Head to Hand Bar and have a taste of the many different brews they have on offer.

6) Go to Club I sober. We’re not saying you’ll enjoy this one but it will give you a fairly bleak picture of where you have/will be spending a lot of your  Thursday nights.

7) Get through at least a couple of complete TV series. Some people go for Breaking Bad and many go for Game of Thrones but for a breakdown on some of the post popular, check out our article on binge-watching.

8)Hire a kayak from Gylly or Swanpool and explore the coast.

9) Go for a meal, cake or coffee at Provedore Tapas Bar & Cafe at least once. But get there early as they tend to get pretty busy and you can’t book ahead.

10) Try your hand at one of the less well-known pastimes, stand up paddle boarding at Gylly beach.

11) Take a walk along the coast and make a stop at Maenporth beach. It’s the best sand in the locality of Falmouth and is only a couple of miles walk.

12) Head over to the Healey’s Cornish Cyder Farm, see where Rattler is made, pet a bunch of farm animals and best of all spend some time at the free tasting bar.

13) For those of you that haven’t yet done so, do an all-nighter in the library. To be honest, you might even want to make it a regular thing in third year!

14) Check out the Falmouth Oyster Festival in October and if you can afford it try some of the shellfish.

15) Show your competitive side and play some beach volleyball on summer evenings.

16) Get involved in some of the outrageous charity events that take place on campus.

17) Try a pasty from every pasty shop in Falmouth.

18) Have a BBQ on the beach. In fact, have many, many BBQ’s on the beach.

19) Order a turbo rum in Club I and then watch your night go downhill…

37 Things Mid

20) Skip dominoes for once and grab a handmade pizza from Belly Timber. They do two for £12 on a Tuesday and you definitely will not regret it.

21) Make sure you check out the Sea Shanty festival on June 13th – 15th.

22) Do something worthwhile and take part in one of the many beach cleans which are organised regularly.

23) For better or for worse we should all probably go for at least one night out in Truro and Newquay respectively.

24) Visit the Eden Project! This is probably the closest you’ll live to it for a while so take the chance to explore the biomes when you can. On a side note, the Eden Sessions represent a great chance to see the Eden Project and catch some decent music. Ellie Goulding has already been confirmed as one of the headliners this year.

25) Get merry at the Falmouth Beer Festival at the Princess Pavilion. Dates are yet to be confirmed.

26) If you can you should spend at least one summer in Falmouth. There’s so much going on over summer and there’s always plenty of work around.

27) At some point during the three years you spend at university you have got to go out and get wasted with your lecturers. Even if it is at the very end of your degree.

28) We’ve all been battered by the weather lately so should we get some more of it, head out storm chasing and see some of the massive waves that have been hammering the coast. Don’t get too close though.

29) Head down to Gylly beach in the summer and give Slacklining a go. It’s basically like tightrope walking but the line is not as taught.

37 Things End

30) Go to at least a couple of the tens of gigs that take place every week. There’s so much talent coming out of the Performance Centre and the university as a whole that you should never be at a loss for somewhere to go.

31) Make sure you do actually do your work too so you can finish up with a mark you’re proud of at the end.

32) Check out all of the end of year shows and the various events that the Performance Centre puts on.

33) Join at least one society or university sport during your time. Never again in life will you have so much choice at your fingertips.

34) Try your hand at arm-chair jousting. This takes two people with a broomstick/mop each and an assistant to give you a shove from the starting line… you get the rest.

35) Nobody should miss out on Raze The Roof. Saturday nights are set aside for adults to run amok in the soft play area. It also has a fully licensed bar and laser quest. What’s not to like?

36) Be sure to network, network, network. Guest lecturers and professionals that come to campus present an opportunity to build contacts for future.

37) Rinse the experience for all you can. This is three years you should really make the most of socially and academically so make sure you put yourself out there.

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