Sunday night saw the emphatic return of post-punk band White Lies when their winter tour came to the O2 Academy in Bristol.

The three-piece band, hailing from London were joined by an extra guitarist and keyboardist to play a spectacle of a show for an eclectic mix of fans packed into the 2000 capacity venue.

As the band promised before the show in an interview with Flex, this was a show to remember. The extensive array of lighting and lasers on show set up a mesmerising evening which was only topped by the pitch perfect voice of frontman Harry McVeigh.

Over the course of the 90 minute set the band played a variety of tracks from both old and new albums including classics such as Death and Farewell To The Fareground.

The audience, a mixture of the middle-aged and young alike lapped up every minute of it. Instantly you realised which tracks were the fan favourites with Big TV and There Goes Our Love Again in particular getting massive reactions.

Towards the end of the gig the band played a cover I Would Die 4 U, a track originally played by pop legend, Prince. Remarkably, the band played it so well in their own style that it could have easily been considered one of their own.

Naturally, once they had left there was a chorus of claps, stamps and chants demanding an encore. Honestly though, that was always going to happen. They had yet to play arguably one of their most popular songs to date.

Before long the band came back on stage and the last song was no surprise to anyone. But it was certainly welcome as White Lies finished off an almighty gig with a faultless rendition of Bigger Than Us.

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