It’s been a long weekend of fun for Cardboard Isis O’Regan, who disappeared from the Exchange building under mysterious circumstances early last week.

The cut-out was quickly found on Twitter and Facebook, and appears to have had an interesting few days travelling the country, including popping up at Twickenham to watch the rugby on Saturday.

Flex exclusively interviewed “Isis” last week, and can now reveal that the person behind Cardboard Isis’ movements is none other than the Chair of the FXU student council, Tom Wootton.

Wootton, a second year mining student, revealed to Flex that he was a part of team of individuals moving Isis around the country.

He said: “The friends of mine who acquired her came to me and told me their plans of taking her around Falmouth, and I thought we could take it one step further and take her all around Cornwall and hopefully a bit further as well.


“I thought “why not do it for a good cause” and get charity involved?”

Interest surrounding Cardboard Isis increased after popping up on social media, and Wootton explained the strategy:

“We were in the car, taking ‘Isis’ around and another friend was on campus as our ‘man on the ground’. She was setting up the social media and running those while slyly talking to the FXU and telling the people we need to so we knew we could carry on.

“I signed in onto the Facebook account on my phone and it was just buzzing constantly. I’ve done something like this before and that wasn’t as successful. It has been ridiculous.”

Tom has promised the safe return of ‘Isis’ to the FXU, and believes that, before this article, the real FXU Falmouth president “still doesn’t know” who was behind her cardboard counterpart’s kidnapping.

“We will be giving Isis back soon, in a tasteful manner.”


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