I’ve done some weird interviews in my relatively short tenure as a journalist. If you had asked me only 24 hours ago which was my strangest, I would say it was the time I had an internationally renowned Scottish comedian confess to me that her marriage of ten years wasn’t actually legal. Yet as I walked through Penryn on the morning of Friday 29th November, I knew my strange interview was about to be topped.

Less than two days before, the cardboard cut-out of the FXU Falmouth President, Isis O’Regan, had gone missing. Appearing on Facebook and Twitter shortly after, photos of cardboard Isis across Cornwall were quickly uploaded by her capturers, sparking conversation across the University.

“Isis” and her friends had agreed to meet with me to discuss the adventures that had seen the Falmouth president’s two-dimensional counterpart travel from Falmouth to Camborne.

Isis, you’ve been on quite the adventure. How did it all start?
It started on Wednesday afternoon. I was in the Exchange building, promoting myself when two rather handsome guys came along and picked me up. They took me to a van and we were shuttled off and I spent the afternoon in the van, not knowing what was going to happen.

What happened then?
Towards the evening I was getting concerned but then a few other guys turned up and we had some pictures taken inside a house. I realised they were good company and that we were going to be going around Cornwall and then potentially further. I was looking forward to the adventure.


So your travels began on Thursday. Where did you go?
Thursday morning came and I was taken to someone else’s house. We discussed plans. We were going to Falmouth first. We went to Rowes, and got myself a picture in there, before then proceeding onto the Prince of Wales Pier. It was nice and calm although we were worried about the rain incase I got a bit wet and my hair was ruined. We went for a drink or two before moving on to Gylly beach, where we skimmed some stones. We then went to Asda because my capturers had run out of diesel.

But you didn’t just stay in Falmouth…
No! Then we went to Truro, and had a bit of trouble parking. We went into the Cathedral and got a picture next to the Christmas tree. We then went Ice-skating! However time was getting on and I wanted to visit the north coast, so we went on to Perranporth before finally ending up in Camborne. We took a picture next to the statue before we came home. I’ve been sleeping at a mate’s house.


What do you have planned for the rest of your adventure?
The plans are to go out of the County, into Somerset and go onto London. I want to see some sights and tour the world. It should be a good weekend.

What has been your favourite part so far?
My favourite bit has been getting away from the office. Some say I work too hard but I have a good time and love everyone in there.

And what about those that took you on this adventure? Are they now your friends?
They have very good intentions at heart. They will bring me back when it is appropriate. I’m looking forward to going back. There’s always an end to good fun. It’ll be good to see everyone again.

Flex will be revealing the culprit behind cardboard Isis’ travels in an exclusive interview on Monday.  In the meantime, keep up with her on Facebook and Twitter.

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