From the girl camping in Mullion wanting to be heard on the radio just once to an international star, Jessica Ellen Cornish has made it extraordinarily far through her short life. At just 25 she has become a true idol to young girls everywhere, with a teetotal take on her life she is unlike any other singer or celebrity.

Although born and raised in London, her family were constantly drawn to the wonders of the Cornish region, so when Jessie J was offered the stage for the night at the Eden Sessions it is no wonder she jumped at the chance to come back to the place she had been raised on family holidays camping.

With a crowd reaching back to the far edge of the small enclosed space, made for the gig, the heat was intense with the occasional smell of B.O erupting from the crowd. It didn’t stop the many fans pushing forward to see their idol. With the odd trip, stumble and shout here and there.

The long wait to see Jessie J began as soon as the queue did, with thousands of eager people gathered, lining the steps that curved over the top of the area. With the scorching heat it is no wonder that people were getting frustrated and agitated as the hours grew longer, but sure enough at five we were let in with young children and teenagers dragging their reluctant parents to the front of the stage so they could catch a glimpse of Jessie.

Jessie J performs at the Eden Sessions (via Samantha Letten)

Jessie J performs at the Eden Sessions (via Samantha Letten

Kicking the night off was a local duo, Hot D’ jour, a duo made up of Denzil L and Hollie G. Although talented It was hard to say which song was which and may have benefited with a bit more difference within their electro-soul genre. However, they are set to go far if they continue. With another hour wait until A*M*E came on stage people complained about the waiting around and the sweaty people beside them. However, she was worth the wait, with popular songs and the crowd singing, possibly even shouting along, she geared the crowd up for the one they had been waiting for. Jessie J.

As the van carrying Jessie J drove down the hill, hidden by the intense greenery that only the Eden Project has, the crowd erupted into chants of Jessie J and screams with claps and whistles. As she entered the building, people craned their necks just to get one glimpse of her.

And then it happened, the lights, the music, the introduction to the band, and finally Jessie J herself came on stage, and sang her heart out. Although recovering from a serious throat infection, Jessie J is a perfectionist, and although a few notes were off during her performance these were resurrected by the crowds own version of “Domino” and “Wild”. With her jokey persona taking over the minutes in between her songs she had the crowd in stitches, in tears and in paradise.
Jessie J, Eden Sessions, Eden Project, Cornwall, UK 14/07/2013.At a rare quiet moment during the set she dedicated the next half to a young girl named Jessie, and then was helped off backstage by the bouncer with a tear in her eye. Possibly presuming the young girl was ill. But the concert was stopping for no man and with a quick half time where the band sang and introduced themselves with an incredible solo from the backing singers and guitarist, the show went on.

Jessie J bounced back bigger than ever, taking a cap from the stage that someone had thrown on before the interlude, she looked like a strong woman belting out “Do It Like a Dude” to which the fans shouted the song back to her.

In the middle of her second set she sang a song from her new album (released in September) in which one lone track had been leaked online when a fan had recorded her at a previous gig earlier in the year. Only the true fans knew this song whilst the others sat or stood quietly back listening to her awe-inspiring vocals. And they were inspiring, the way she could compel an audience into tears or smiles, the way she held her own on stage it looked like nothing could keep her down.

As the concert drew to an end she let the audience know how amazing it was to be back in Cornwall, especially at the Eden Project where she had been just once before when it was first built. We could tell it had been a special night for Jessie J and an unforgettable one for the crowd. As it grew dark she left after bowing, taking a quick breath as she and the crowd took in their surroundings of the multi-coloured lights that lit up the sky from the plastic domes.

With such talent as Jessie J coming to the Eden Sessions it is clear to say that it is becoming rapidly more popular for stars of all popularity. We can only hope that Jessie J returns to the Eden Sessions bigger and better than ever in a few years’ time, which of course, she will.


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