Last Saturday saw the start of the Eden Sessions which featured a line up of local emerging talent and several more established acts finishing with the Kaiser Chiefs.

Visitors were in store for a day of great music, stunning scenery and amazing food. Fortunately the weather was also kind to us and the Eden Project basked in sunshine for the majority of the day and night.

The day begun with a pitch perfect performance from Falmouth University’s very own Lily & Meg on the Mediterranean stage which was in one of Eden’s many biomes. The bright and very green setting proved to be an awesome backdrop to the duos brilliant vocals and rhythms.

Falmouth University'../../../wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Olivia_Bohac_LilyandMeg_EdenSession_01.jpg

Falmouth University’s Lily & Meg on the Mediterranean Stage © Olivia Bohac

On the main stage there were decent performances from PJP Band, Brother and Bones and The Computers. Not all of the acts on the main stage went down so well as Thought Forms found out. The duo seemed to be a bit too heavy for the mainly family based audience and the crowd seemed to agree as many sat down and lost interest.

Then came some of the main support acts for the Kaiser Chiefs. Deap Valley proved to be a successful support choice and the female duo from San Diego injected a great deal of excitement into the venue. They’ve been receiving some glowing reviews from critics and these seem to have been justified by Saturday night performance. Having seen them perform before however, it seemed that their performance had been toned down to be a bit more family friendly which was a shame. Their wild and rock n’ roll nature should go part  and parcel with their music.

Lindsey Troy (Deap Valley) on the Main Stage © Olivia Bohac

Lindsey Troy (Deap Valley) on the Main Stage © Olivia Bohac

Following on from Deap Valley were 80′s band, Tom Tom Club. The days music and support bands had all been picked by the Kaiser Chiefs themselves but this didn’t seem like a brilliant choice. The music wasn’t that well known or even new. It was certainly a bizarre performance although there were several pockets of adults in the crowd who seemed to be into it.

The Kaiser Chiefs eventually hit the stage at about nine and the crowd were pretty glad to see the main act. They seemed to get off to a bit of a rough start by playing some of their less well known songs but they still got a reasonable reception. But by the time their old classics such as ‘Ruby’, ‘Oh My God’ and ‘I Predict A Riot’ were being played, the crowd were in full swing. Then add to the night the charismatic attributes of front-man Ricky Wilson and you’re onto a winner. Wilson went through several stages of crazy climbing the lighting rigging, throwing around mic stands and singing from a viewing platform among the audience.

It was a very family friendly night, with a lot of the crowd being made up of Mums and Dad’s with their kids. Therefore, it was in fact quite a good choice of artist for the night despite a few of it’s downfalls. All things considered though, the setting was spectacular and it was good to see a band which had big tunes to get the crowd moving.

Kaiser Chiefs on the Main Stage © Olivia Bohac

Kaiser Chiefs on the Main Stage © Olivia Bohac


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