At the beginning of March a handful of bands came to Cornwall to play at Falmouth’s Mojo Rising festival which was made up of a range of gigs across the town. Amongst them was electro-rock band Seasfire who gave up their time to have a chat with Rob Slade for Flex.

Seasfire are a four-piece band hailing from Bristol who are made up of Josh Thorn (vocals), James Sinclair (drums, electronics), Joe Labanowski (piano, electronics, synths, vocals) and Dave Callaby (guitars, vocals).

The band members were originally in their own projects but eventually they all broke up. At this point Josh, Joe and Dave started making music together and asked drummer, James, to join in when they started playing live.

They have a wide range of influences which each member brings to the table but some of the main ones are Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Bloc Party and Depeche Mode. Collectively these influences make up the unusual, emotionally charged music that the band makes.

They’re relatively new on the scene which is why their plans for the rest of the year are slightly low key. Josh and James said: “We’re gonna do a single release and hopefully just more shows and songs. We need to write some more songs to just pick up more fans really, just grow the band.”


They have however had some small breakthroughs, namely when they went to BBC’s Maida Vale Studios. “We did that back in December which was good, it’s just come out recently though. But the whole experience was great, it’s everything you want in a shoot.”

In recent times they have also supported the likes of King Charles and Bastille which James said “was sweet because they’ve been doing really well and all of their shows were packed”. But when they were asked about their favourite gig, they all gave the same answer: ““It’s gotta be Reading out of Reading and Leeds because it was just a good crowd [and] nice weather. Which is really important when you’re outside. We were just so hyped for it, it was filmed and it was going out on the BBC.”

Whilst on the topic of gigs, the guys spoke to me about some of the most peculiar things that has caught their eyes whilst they have been playing. “Just people smiling really. I find that really odd when we’re playing.” James added: “I find it a bit weird if someone sings your lyrics back. It’s good but it’s a bit weird.”

The band have only produced a small number of songs but their repertoire is growing with the recent release of a new single called ‘Oh…Lucifer’. But the track they say they are most proud of is ‘Falling’ which I am told opened a lot of doors for the four young musicians.

From speaking to Josh and James it is clear to see that music is their passion. The way they speak about it with such enthusiasm and how they get excited about other bands. “I fucking love The Neighbourhood and The Weekend basically. They’re both amazing.”

In fact, they kept on bringing up The Neighbourhood throughout the course of the interview and said that if there was anyone they could collaborate with it would be them. They also spoke highly of a band called CHVRCHES from Scotland: “We went to see them in Thekla the other night which was good”.

Surprisingly, on the night of their gig in Falmouth, there weren’t actually that many people there, which was a shame because the venue was perfect for this sort of atmospheric music.

Nevertheless, they played on in front of the small audience and delivered a dose of irony and a pinch of salt. Despite the circumstances, they managed to win over a few fans by playing some really energetic and consuming music.

This is a band that have carved out a small niche in the music scene and they are one that should definitely be checked out. With a progressive summer ahead, we should be hearing a lot more about these four guys before too long.

For information on future tour dates visit and to listen to more of their music visit their SoundCloud profile at

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