Weeks after their album debuted at number one in the UK album charts, Bastille rocked a sold out audience at the O2 academy in Bristol last night.

Before the doors had even opened there was a massive queue stretching back and around the corner. This showed just how popular the sell-out gig was going to be.

Sure enough by the time The Ramona Flowers hit the stage at 7.30 the venue was already about three quarters full. Returning to their hometown, the band flew into a number of tracks which all showed promise but never really grabbed hold of the audience apart from several small pockets of fans who became very enthusiastic.

After a handful of songs, the band left the stage and made way for To Kill a King; a band who seemed to have a few more fans in the audience. They performed a series of guitar based tracks which went down pretty well with the crowd.

For their third track, the band announced they would be joined by some friends. Much to the room’s joy the four members of Bastille came on stage to help with some of the vocals. The audience was certainly rocking after this track and it became blatantly obvious that they could not wait much longer for the main event.

IMG_0450Fortunately, they didn’t have to wait long as after a quick kit change Bastille arrived on stage to a very rowdy reception. They kicked into action with Bad Blood and the crowd sung every word back at them. The quality of the music was very high and Dan’s (vocals) voice was on a comparable standard to that of the studio versions.

They then played more of the tracks from their debut album, Bad Bloods including Icarus and Oblivion. It was clear to see that the venue was packed with plenty of committed fans with most of the lyrics being thrown right back to the stage.

The set came to an end when Bastille invited their friends from To Kill a King on stage to sing with them as they performed Pompeii. This went down a treat and as they all left the stage the crowd went mad.

It was clear they weren’t going to let the band leave it there and demanded an encore with a barrage of noise and chants of ‘we want more’. Bastille happily obliged and returned to the stage to perform one of the most highly anticipated tracks of the night, Flaws.

As if this didn’t please the fans enough, Dan jumped down from the stage and made his way through the crowd and up the steps throughout the song. The crowd were loving it as he made his way back to the stage and then to the steps on the other side of the room. Remarkably the vocals didn’t suffer one bit!

Make sure you pick up the second issue of Flex in mid-May to read the full interview with Bastille frontman, Dan Smith.

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