The fifth and final series of Being Human, BBC Three’s supernatural comedy drama, has just started airing on Sunday nights. If you’ve never watched it before, or worse, never heard of it, can Flex be so bold as to ask where you’ve been hiding since 2009?

Though characters have come in and departed over the course of the five series, Being Human is still the programme it started out as – a sharp, funny and well-written hour of telly that follows the lives of three supernatural beings (a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost) as they attempt to live a normal life amongst the rest of us muggles.

The cast boasts a wealth of well-known faces, from the likes of Russell Tovey, Lenora Crichlow, Michael Socha and Aidan Turner (most recently seen as Kili the ridiculously good-looking dwarf in The Hobbit) to recurring guest stars like Craig Turner, Mark Gatiss and Robson Green.

Consistently entertaining, Being Human makes for perfect Sunday night viewing.

It’s just scary enough to make you think twice about wandering around the house alone, but is also dotted with its fair share of comedy moments. The humour is so well done and the characters so well developed that it’s worth the nightmares. It’s also surprisingly emotional.

In a programme where the majority of the characters are either dead or surrounded by death, it’s impressive that after five series’ Being Human can still leave the viewer hugging a pillow and bawling their eyes out. It’s thanks to fantastic scripts from people like writer and creator Toby Whithouse that it’s still addictive and poignant viewing.

BBC Three has created a lot of rubbish in its ten years, but Being Human is definitely one of the standout offerings. And if all that still isn’t enough to get you interested, perhaps this’ll help – some of the episodes were helmed by Doctor Who and Wallander director, and ex-Falmouth student, Toby Haynes.

Catch the final series of Being Human on Sunday nights on BBC Three at 10pm.

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