Plans to excavate off of Cornwall’s coastline could severely disrupt Cornish economy, damaging popular attractions.

A plan proposed by Marine Mineral Limited (MML) is set to remove over a million tons of sediment from North Cornwall’s sea bed just off the shores of Cornwall’s beaches. MML hope to recover waste tin that has washed out from old mines around the coast. The tin, now in high demand could create more jobs and help Cornish economy.

Surfers Against Sewage, a local organisation, has voiced their concern outlining the potential effects the project could have. These include damaging vital coastal processes, the marine environment, marine wildlife and local surfing resources. The beaches of Cornwall attract high levels of tourism, Surfing alone accumulating £64 million of Cornwall’s annual economy figures.

Although 78% of ‘The Falmouth Packet’ readers vote in favour of the project going ahead, extensive operations are being carried out before works begin. MML have released a statement saying, “The project will only proceed if the tin can be recovered from the sand body in a way, which is environmentally and socially acceptable, as well as financially viable.” Traditional dredging has being completely ruled out and operations have already been pushed back until 2015.



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