As my weekend draws to a close and Monday morning is fast approaching I hop into my little car, brace the freezing cold and head up to Exeter to see Cosmo Jarvis at The Cavern.

The Cavern is a great venue, a dark cave down a back street alley in the city of Exeter. The industrial type brick walls and minimal lighting set the stage for Cosmo Jarvis, the latest musician to make an impression in the ever growing indie music scene.

Having been lucky enough to grab a quick chat with Cosmo before his performance I am excited to see how he reacts with the crowd telling me he rarely speaks. He is slightly hung over and pretty croaky which adds to my growing curiosity. Having listened to Cosmo a bit online before turning up to the gig, and being impressed, I cannot wait for his presence on stage.

As Cosmo graces the stage the ever growing fan base close in. In such an intimate venue the crowd are feet away from the front man. He kicks into his first track and his croaky voice from earlier turns into something quite spectacular. Take away the crowd, background noise and dingy lighting and I wouldn’t know he was singing live. I turn to my boyfriend and his face shows he is as impressed as me.


Cosmo offers something most other indie musicians don’t and that’s a diverse range of tunes, tempos and pitches. One of my favourite tracks is ‘Love This’ an up-beat song with ska influences. As Cosmo wows the crowd with his effortless but equally special vocals, they bop along and sing every word. On another note check out the video to this song if you get a chance.

The night continues with a few new songs, one of which is ‘Thinking of the wrong things’. Something quite different to ‘Love This’, a track with the occasional scream but nothing that makes you cover your ears. He then jumps into ‘Fight with the devil’ which goes back to his ska influences, one the crowd loved. Cosmo again shows his diversity when he starts ‘Whatever’ swapping his guitar for a ukulele.

I am glad I braced the cold and made it out to see the Devon-based talent that is Cosmo Jarvis. His husky vocals make for a great musician and a completely flawless live set. You can see him at a number of venues this year including Newquay’s very own Boardmasters.

It’s also worth checking out a few of his videos, his creativity shining through these too.


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