Falmouth and Exeter students gathered in their smartest and sharpest on Monday 14th January at Gylly beach café for the Falmouth fashion show fundraiser. Not only was it an excuse to let off some steam but it was also raising money for the Performance Sportswear and Fashion 3rd years fashion show in May. The theme was American prom and thrown among the mix were several Grease characters and some wonderfully bright prom dresses topped with sparkling tiaras. The guys dusted off their suits and shined their shoes, not a style you normally see in Falmouth! The evening started with punch and the inevitable eyeing up of every new personality and outfit that walked in the room.

A delicious buffet complete with pudding set up for what was going to be a wild night of dancing. As the evening progressed so did the chatter, alcohol-consumption and sporadic dance offs. The evening came to a close at two in the morning and as people made their way to taxi’s it was under general agreement that the fundraiser had been a success. Good luck to all the fashion and sportswear designers preparing to showcase their abundant talent in the coming months and we’ll see you all at the Fashion show at the Fish Factory on the 29th of May. Meanwhile look out for the delicious cake sales at Woodlane and other events coming up soon!

gylly fashion