This five piece band coming out of London have been earmarked to go on to do big things on the music scene. That’s why here at Flex we feel so lucky that we got to interview Scott (bassist) and Pete (vocals).

So how did you all end up in a band together?
Scott: Jonny (drummer) and I grew up together and Jonny and Pete met in another project they’ve done. Matt was doing another band in the same sort of area and Pete got us all together to do a studio thing.
Pete: We’d all been in these punk bands and rock bands before and then I decided I wanted to do something really acoustic and folky. We weren’t going to do it as a full time thing but within about six months things started to get really busy.
Scott: Then someone stepped in and said do you want some cash to try and make a go of it full time. And obviously all of our dreams since we were kids to be in a full time band and quit your day job so it kind of went from there.

So this tour has been going well?
Scott: Yeah definitely. There’s been some hectic ones like Oxford Gathering Festival. It seems like all the weekend shows. I guess people get more crazy on the weekends. We’ve had people singing along and screaming fans in the front row. It’s always a bit of a surprise for us, we still think of ourselves as that same band that we were two or three years ago when we were just starting out. It kind of blows our minds a bit when we play to such enthusiastic crowds.

If you had 10 words to describe your style of music, how would you do it?
Pete: A folk band that thinks it’s a heavy metal band. People are always a bit surprised when they hear the record. The record is a bit more folky and we wanted it to be a little bit different. Then live, we’re climbing up on speakers and jumping off Jon’s drum kit and throwing our hair around.

Photography by Kat Waters

Do you prefer playing festivals or your own shows?
Scott: It’s tough isn’t it? I do love the whole experience of a festival. This year we played at Reading. It’s brilliant hanging out in these backstage areas and you get to see all these cool people. In a festival in Europe we saw Dave Grohl chilling out in the back stage area and it’s really exciting. We still get really excited about stuff like that of course. I guess there’s that vibe at a festival where everyone’s wasted and up for a good time.
But there’s just something special about the headline shows as well. You know everyone’s there specifically to see you. So it’s always kind of nice and fun. We like to play around with singing away from the microphones and doing things acoustically. Just to mix it up and make it seem more special.

Do you have a most memorable gig?
Pete: Maybe Reading, Reading was amazing because we grew up round there and it’s probably the biggest crowd we’ve played to.
Scott: Oxford Gathering Festival, the front row from where I was looking looked about 14 years old, every one of them and they just screamed after every song. They would be screaming our names and it felt like you were in one direction or something.

Do you go out much after shows?
Scott: We try yeah, it’s been a bit tame after the last tours. For the first week I partied for 5 days straight and that kind of got to me. I came basically to the end of my tether, I just couldn’t face it so that Monday I just crashed.
Pete: If it’s anyone it’s usually me and Scott who go out.
Scott: If anyone who was at the show sees you out that’s always kind of a fun thing. People coming up to you and being like, great gig. That always makes you feel like a big deal.

Photography by Kat Waters

As a group of 5 mates on tour you must have some funny stories?
Pete: On one of our first tours we went out to Stornoway. We got out there and did this show in a bar there. Afterwards they closed the doors of the venue but just let us hang out in there and they gave us free Jäger all night so we were pretty wasted.
Scott: Wasn’t that the same night that in that hostel they let us roam free?
Pete: It was under construction.
Scott: They had left all the power tools out, so we started playing with the power saw cutting stuff up.
Pete: We were wasted, we tried to saw a plastic clock in half. We sawed a broom handle in half, and we found a box of tea bags and we sawed that in half with a power saw and it perfectly cut all the bags inside down the middle and then we closed it and put it back on the shelf.
Scott: Somehow we got away with it, I think they made the mistake, never leave power tools around anywhere near a band.

Which three acts would you choose to headline your own festival?
Scott: Foo Fighters I think because they are such a brilliant festival headline band.
Pete: I’d have someone that would never normally get to headline so you could be like, ‘you’re headlining a giant festival.’ Someone really obscure… Arcane Roots.
Scott: We could have Biffy Clyro support Arcane Roots. Sigur Rόs were good when we saw them at latitude a few years ago.
Pete: We’ve just given the most boring answer ever, we’d probably have Foo Fighters, Biffy and Sigur Rόs. That’s Reading Festival, well done. If we had a festival like Reading we’d book all of Reading’s headliners and make a similar amount of money.
Scott: I’d call my festival… Reading!

What’s your favourite pasty filling?
Pete: I actually like the old steak and stilton. Although if the readership’s Cornish then we’ll just say the Cornish. You shouldn’t fuck with it.
Scott: Yeah maybe like a sweet one, I’d have like jam in it or something.

We’ve got banana and chocolate pasties near us…
Scott: No way! Okay, sold.
Pete: Sold.


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