As the summer is approaching, students begin to wonder what they will do in their three months off. Many will go back to jobs at home and start saving for their return to university. The lucky ones will spend their time on holiday and enjoying the great British summer.

But there is another way for you to spend your time which can be rewarding, fun and character building all while earning money. Working or volunteering abroad presents students with something different to do.

Some of the most popular ways to spend your summer working abroad is to work at summer camps for children. Among these, the most well-known are Camp America ( or the equivalent in Canada (

At these camps you will be required to help look after a small number of children while they spend their time at a holiday camp taking part in lots of different activities.

Of course there are also a lot of rewarding volunteer opportunities both abroad and at home. Unlike working when you are away, you will not get paid for this, but if you are not in serious need of money then it could be a good alternative to lounging around at home over the summer.

Natalie Simm spent a month in Tenerife helping out with whale and dolphin conservation. During her stay she got to go swimming with turtles and got to touch pilot whales.

Speaking of that experience she said: “For four weeks accommodation and food (main meals) cost me £400 and altogether, flights and insurance, the whole thing came to like £750 for a month.”

The range of volunteering opportunities abroad are simply astounding, one minute you could be looking at working on a husky farm in Finnish Lapland, inside the arctic circle ( to then looking at volunteering on a farm helping to harvest fruit (

Of course there is a huge variety of jobs available and they don’t all require you to work outside or with animals. You could choose one which will tailor to your skills such as nannying.

That’s exactly what Rosi Young did, she managed to travel through 22 states and earn £2500 over three months spent in America. Speaking of that experience she said: “It was worth doing because it really increased my independence and maturity level.

“The actual experience itself was also incredible in terms of the amount of travelling I got to do – it’s now my aim to cover all 50!”

The most popular way to find these opportunities is through a company, unless you have got the right connections.  Some of the most well-known websites include for volunteering and for volunteering, working and summer camps.

Working abroad can be a solution to all students’ questions. Everyone needs to make money for the next year, yet most also wants to travel or go on holiday.

By working abroad students will get the best of both worlds, they will be earning money while having an amazing, character building experience. But above all, be sure to make the most of your summer!