Flex were invited down to BBC Radio 1 and 1 xtra’s dance festival Live In Torbay. Before he took to the stage Zane Lowe took a few minutes out to catch up with us.

Alright Zane, how often do you get down to these neck of the woods? Not exactly local is it?

Been here a few times lately because I have a few friends down here, first time in Paignton though I think. I love the South West man.

How does a gig like this compare to one in a place like Ibiza?

Every gig is different, when you do a gig in a place like Ibiza you’re playing in a hotel which is just like an amphitheatre of rooms, court yards and pools. It’s totally different to here. This is amazing it’s a great part of the UK, close to the ocean which is something I’m really into because I’m from New Zealand. Being in an open air event with Radio1 what’s not to love.

Ok, so if you were running your own festival who would you have as your three headliners?

Alive or dead?

Lets go with alive first…

Alive, alright. Such a good question, it’s so hard because immediately you think who would you want on the main stage. Think I’d have to go Swedes – Swedish House Mafia, no one does a big night like they do at the moment. Saw them pretty much every night in Australia they were absolutely incredible. Then I’d choose a rock band for the next night, which would probably be Pearl Jam – I’m a massive Pearl Jam fan. Then I’d go new and different, take a punt on somebody and maybe chose, I dunno maybe a singer songwriter like Ed Sheeran.


Nirvana, Bob Marley, Beastie Boys. I’d like to say Biggie but you’ve got to think headliners. He’s a headliner but which one you gonna choose, you got the Beasties or Biggie? For me you got to go Beasties.

Whilst we’ve got you here what did you make of the Tupac hologram at Coachella?

I thought it was a remarkable talking point, and apparently for the people there it was amazing. You know it’s probably done more for Las Vegas in the creative world than it has for anyone else. I can’t really see it happening on a regular basis, because A) It costs a lot of money, and B) the live experience is about seeing somebody live. I think it’s a really really cool feature but I don’t think it’s a whole show. It was a really good move for them and a really good talking point for them.

Who or what’s been your most memorable interview that you’ve done?

I would say the Beastie Boys. I mean I’ve interviewed them loads of times but it’s the one I look forward to the most, and one I get very nervous about.

You still get nervous?

Always every time, even now.

What do you do to get past it?

Prepare, and listen. Listen to the answers to your questions, follow the conversations instead of a list of questions you know?

Got any advice for any of our aspiring DJ’s back in Falmouth?

Find music that moves you and find your own way of playing it – that suits you and how you play. For me I cut my teeth DJ’ing in a lot of scream environments in terms of crowds wanting to hear rock, others just wanting to hear club and others just wanting to rap. So I had to learn how to be adaptable on the night and how to get a crowd listening to music they weren’t necessarily in to. That’s a question of being versatile in my mind. You got to find your own style.

Guessing you’re all over the place this summer, what else have you got lined up?

Ibiza, Majorca, Switzerland, all around the UK. Yeah I’m happy man, grateful to be working you know.

Finally, house party or club night?

House party. I just like to be around my friends, in an environment where we are all comfortable and know where the fridge is. I haven’t been to a random one in a really really long time though.

Do you not miss those days?

I don’t really miss things like that. I kind of try to enjoy those moments as much as I possibly can. But really right now I’m a happily married man with two sons, it’s never been better for me. I don’t look back with any kind of wistful reminiscence, I’m just like nah man today’s a good day.


Picture courtesy of BBC Radio1