We recently got the opportunity to catch up with one of Radio 1 and 1xtra’s young and most exciting DJ’s currently working his way up their rota. We caught up with MistaJam minutes before he was set to go on stage at Live In Torbay

So when were you last down these parts MistaJam?

The last time I was down here was last year, but it was Newquay so not a million miles away. I do love Devon though, what’s known as the English Riviera. For me it’s a nice opportunity to come down and bring a party with us.

How do the crowds differ from gig to gig?

Different crowds react differently to different things of course. I think down here you’ve got quite a lot of people who really really like there hard music. What I tend to find is that those people that are by a coast tend to have not great hearing cos they’re so full of water, because they’ve been surfing hahaha. They like it quite hard and loud! I think everyone is really  up for it, its not every day you get Radio 1 rolling into your town. It’s a big thing for any place. I remember being a teenager in Leicester when they had One Big Sunday there. We all piled down, saw Coldplay – it was massive. So for me to be a part of the talent now and to be on stage is a dream come true.

Do you  prep differently depending on the gig?

I’m one of those DJ’s that doesn’t have a set. I’m not one of those guys that will sit there and plan out what I’m going to play and when I’m going to play it. I used Serato which has access to all my music files on my laptop, but there isn’t any auto mix button. I just throw stuff at the wall and see what sticks. I think if you’re a producer you will plan out exactly what you want. But as time goes on chances are you’ll learn to read a crowd and that’s something I love to do, I love to be able to watch a crowd and see how they react. Especially at a festival like this, you know in the middle of a field live on Radio1 or a festival like Glastonbury where you’ve got to have a look and see what the majority of people are feeling – and go down that route.

Imagine you had your own festival, who would be your headliners?

I’d probably have to stick Example on there because he’s a good friend and seeing him recently at the 02, I mean – wow. He had five different mosh-pits, all literally in the standing part of the 02 at the same time. I’ve been to see heavy metal bands in my time, I’ve been to see Papa Roach and all those guys and they’ve never had that response. I’d probably stick Damien Marley on there, maybe the whole Marley crew. There is no one that doesn’t like a Marley, it’s impossible! Finally it would have to be me cos its my festival. To be honest the reason I got the job at Radio 1 and 1xtra is because I was doing events in my hometown in Nottingham and put myself on the bill and got spotted.

So do you think it’s pretty important to put yourself out there and to have that confidence to do it?

Very very much so. Not only confidence in yourself but if you are a DJ and you kind of see it from a promoters point of view you’re not going to be one of those idiot DJs who turns up and demands ridiculous things. It’s an apprenticeship to serve and my biggest piece of advice to someone who says ‘what do I do to break through?’ – put your hand in your pocket and put on your own event. Put yourself on the bill alongside people you want to be seen alongside.

Finally, what do you prefer going to house party or a club night?

Me personally, I’d go to a house party but I’d wana play a club. We love a house party.


Picture courtesy of BBC Radio 1