BBC Radio1 and 1xtra’s Live in Torbay was pretty good to us as interviews go. Our final one came courtesy of the lovely Annie Mac who was more than happy to talk all things Falmouth and getting hangovers in Cornwall.

Hello Annnie, what did you make of your gig in Falmouth a few months back?

It was such a great gig. When you go to places like Falmouth especially when you haven’t been before, people are very warm and very welcoming and very happy to see you and obviously that’s really nice. It felt like a genuinely crazy gig. I actually spoke to Greg [James] recently on air. Some guy came dressed as me, I thought it was hilarious. I stuck around for a couple hours and stayed over. Got up the next morning and I was well hungover!

Do you go out a lot after a gig?

Not really! If you partied at everyone you end up looking like an old woman. Like last night, a gig in Nottingham, it was in -glass of water- out.

So you have to pick your sessions wisely?

You pick the ones where you know you have friends around or you know the promoter or just in Falmouth’s case you were really fun and on a high.

Fair to say you’re a fan of the south west then?

It’s great yeah, I’ve got a friend who lives in Torbay, but yeah this is really nice it’s great. It’s nice to kinda open the curtains and see the community and see the place.

How different is this type of gig to other festivals?

This gig is really high pressure cos you are live on the radio and you are live on the webcam, so every move you make every facial expression. If you fuck up you can’t be like ‘‘shit!’’ Because people can see you and the whole thing makes you really on guard and aware so I’ve been really nervous about it. Situations like this I always am, but after the first couple of tracks I’m always fine. It’s just when you’re anticipating it. My favourite thing to do with gigs is just to rock up and get on. The more you hang around the more you’re just like ‘‘ahhh’’. I’ve been here all day put it that way, it’s a lot of hanging around!

Who would you have headlining a festival run by you?

What, alive or dead?

Well Zane [Lowe] did both…

Ohh bloody hell, ok I’ll mix the two. I would have Jimi Hendrix, A Tribe Called Quest (full band) and Stevie Wonder – but he played Bestival and stuff so it’ not quite so special.

MistaJam said he’d include himself, how do you feel about that?

Nah fuck that, I’d be in the  crowd raving mate! Not me, I’m organising it – I’m busy. Actually you know what one of my favourite acts ever to watch a festival were Chic. They’re a really oldy throw back, with Nile Rogers. They blew my mind so let’s put them on there.

What would you say to anyone who is trying to make it in the media, be it radio, TV or a DJ etc?

I think the most important thing is that you are willing to work hard and that you are willing to make a good impression on people and be likeable. People underestimate that if you are likeable and enthusiastic, don’t complain, is good at what they do and gets on with it they’ll want you back. So you go somewhere and work for free but you’re nice, they’ll want you back. I also found that you’ve got to make stuff happen for yourself. If you sit and wait to be booked when you’ve just started, it aint gona happen. You have to make your podcasts, radio shows, own  mixtaptes, website – whatever you want to do do it! Have something going on for yourself so when you meet the person that could help you, you can go ‘why don’t you check out my mixtape’. Always have something going on.

Do you get a lot of people giving you stuff?

I get people that come up to me with usb sticks and ep’s they’ve made. I bring them home and listen to them eventually, but yeah it takes a while. I make sure they put contact details, then I might say ‘‘I like this one send me more of this’’.

Where else can we expect to find you playing this summer?

I’m in a lot of places this summer. I’m in Ibiza so much that I’ve just started looking for an apartment, because its much cheaper than hotels. I’m off to Japan for the first time, and back to Australia following our first time last year. And Croatia… a lot of places.

Just before I go…House party or club night?

House party, any time. Definitely man, you just feel so much more comfortable. House parties are the best I love a house party! I’ve had some mean house parties in my time, in fact it’s been too long – you’ve inspired me!


Picture courtesy of BBC Radio1