The romance of the conventional music festival can be lost quite quickly once you have seen the dishearteningly muddy terrain that must be conquered. Unless you’re lucky, by the time you have found a place to camp, your tent (and most of your possessions, including everything you’re wearing) will be mud-splattered and – let’s face it this is Britain – will be soaked through with rain. So, you can say goodbye to being dry for an entire weekend, and can instead look forward to a lovely couple of nights in sticky, muddy sleeping bags.

Add to this the inevitable early morning wake-up call from the ‘neighbours’ who for some unknown reason feel the need to start singing at 7am, forgetting (or not caring) that tent walls really aren’t particularly soundproof. It’s normally around this time that you will start to regret believing the person who convinced you all that five people could fit into a three man tent. All in all, excitement soon begins to fade. The glamour of the new fashionable welly boots and the carefully planned but “free-spirited” outfits with which you arrived never return quite so shiny, and in their place are layers of grime and sweat and the portraits of three sleepless nights. Don’t you just wish there was some way of getting all the rock’n’roll goodness of a music festival without all this stress? Well, let me introduce you to the wonders of the Eden sessions.

Located in the grounds of St Austell’s stunning Eden Project, these sessions bring to Cornwall some of the most celebrated artists on the planet. For those who assume that the Cornish music scene is just a load of unsigned folk bands and country singers, take one look at the kinds of names that these sessions play host to; this incredible venue has been a stage for some of the biggest names in the music industry from Jack Johnson to The Kaiser Chiefs, from Oasis to Florence and the Machine. And the names just keep coming.

Blink 182

London sensations Chase and Status are all set to play the venue in July, as well as fellow Londoners Noah and The Whale and The Vaccines. If you prefer a blast from your teenage years, Blink 182 are all set to rock the arena or if folk/punk revival is more your thing, then rising star Frank Turner will be joined by his incredible band The Sleeping Souls to play the venue in July. Something for almost every type of music lover, it seems.

For some it may seem that these gigs cannot compare to the likes of Glastonbury or Reading, but these are by no means just your average gigs; these are one day festivals, bursting with famous names, just without the horrors and stresses of the long weekends.

You can still chill with mates, join forces with strangers, bath in the sun (???) or get so drunk that you miss the band you most wanted to see (not that I’m speaking from experience…) but, you get to come home feeling fresh and still buzzing with the excitement of this once-in-a-lifetime festival experience.

Find out the full lineup and buy your tickets straight from the Eden Project here