Flex Online recently managed to have a quick chat with the Australian based five piece band; The Temper Trap before they embark on their latest tour this May. Read here what Bonnie Mably asked the guys and what they had to say about performing in Falmouth next month…

So May 9 at the Princes Pavilions in Falmouth is the first show of your tour (no pressure)! Have any of you been here before?

No I haven’t, haven’t been to the southwest at all. Johnny (bass guitarist) went on a surf trip down your way. We saw some photos, didn’t know the UK had such places.

I gather you guys lived in Hackney for a while? How did you boys fare there?

Yeah it’s been good; we’re still living there. It’s been three years now, so it definitely feels like a second home. There’s a lot more venues than Melbourne, and bands touring through the city all the time it’s nice being able to see bands most nights of the week. We’re spoilt for choice.

Does being in London put a different pace on your success as a band?

It’s a move we had to make being from Australia. Even though it’s great having the familiarity of Melbourne and Sydney, there’s only so many times you can play there weekend after weekend. I guess eventually you outgrow a place. We were really lucky being given the opportunity to come to London so it was a good move for us to make.

Is there anything British that you’d take down under?

I would take Premier League Football. I’ve become obsessed. I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time watching games. Maybe I’ll take Arsene Wenga back home with me.

That would be bizarre!

It would be rude to not talk of Sweet Disposition, which did so well and somewhat defined you as a band back in the day. How did it help you grow?

It was great. It’s definitely a song that opened a lot of doors for us. It’s still a song we feel close too and it hasn’t got old for us yet.

Tell us more about your new album, which is out on May 21, what kind of sound is it?

The main difference is there’s a lot more synth on this album. We kept trying out new sounds when we were recording in LA with Tony Hoffer (producer/mixer for the likes of Beck, The Kooks, Belle & Sebastian) so the vibes changed a bit, hopefully for the better.

As five mates touring you must have some funny stories to share?

There have been a few moments. We had a close encounter with some transvestites from Indonesia. Haha. Oh and when Johnny hit Dougy (main vocals) in the face with the headstock of his bass guitar on stage! I think it was in Dublin the last song of the set. He was knocked into the crowd but got back on stage; there was a lot of blood and a trip to the emergency room.

Last but certainly not least. All time sandwich filling?

Turkey, bacon, salsa, cucumber, then mayonnaise, mustard and horseradish. I think that’s pretty much it. Oh maybe some pickle if it was lying around.

Potential sauce overload there but quite a good measure of your artistic license.

It’s been a pleasure Toby; we look forward to seeing you in Falmouth on May 9.

Looking forward to it.

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