I have to admit I was slightly apprehensive before the show as I thought when you’ve seen one street dance you’ve seen it all. However Elektro Kif offer something quite different; an urban street dance style coined as electro in 2006. Accompanied by a varied soundtrack, well thought out props and some of the best theatre and contemporary dance I have ever seen, the eight piece dance troop from Paris really did go all out for the last stop of their UK tour.

Arriving at the Hall for Cornwall as there last stop on the two month UK tour, the dance troop by no means showed any signs of tiredness in the 70 minute performance.

Established as ‘stunning street dance meets theater’ the show consisted of group performances where the dancers would show a mix of break beat, disco and contemporary dance moves, as well as a stunning scene which allows the performance to slow down a pace where street meets ballet. The dancers were also able to show off their own moves in the ending sequence when choreographer Blanca Li lets them have freedom to dance. Each scene was performed flawlessly and the eight piece group showed no signs that this was there last show. The fast, energetic and exciting performance was all accompanied perfectly with a soundtrack composed by Tao Gutierrez. The soundtrack mixed techno, house, afrobeat, classical and a selection of sound effects throughout.

It is the ease with which the group move seamlessly around the stage and in-between the school chairs and tables that held the audiences attention. The show is about friendship, rivalries, hopes and fears all told beautifully through each different character. The show mixes humor with emotion in the beautifully crafted fight scene.

It is the scene where the all male group re-enact a basketball game that shows their skills and talent to work flawlessly as a group. As they bounce and dunk an invisible ball around the court the audience are left memorized and laughing as cheeky chap Cerizz shows his toned chest and tricks on the other players. A real test of the groups strengths to perform as one, this scene showed that perfectly; immaculate choreography by Blanca Li.

As the energetic, colorful and beautifully crafted show came to an end the dance troop showed their own freestyle moves in the only point during the performance where this is allowed. The crowd joined in by clapping and cheering which only jeered the troop on more. This was a chance to see the creativity each member possessed and was a great end to fantastic mixed show of dance theatre.

I left with my first apprehensions gone, this really wasn’t just another street dance but one of the best crafted and inspiring shows I have ever seen. The cool and relaxed nature on the stage touched the elders and youngsters in the auidence and showed a real sense of passion the troop must have for music and dance.