As the sun sets across Falmouth town the beach goers seek shelter in Gylly Café ready and waiting with their pints for the name of the evening Ryan Keen. Fresh off the Ed Sheeran tour but in no way over shadowed by the teen sensation, Ryan sheepishly takes to the stage as the small but growing crowd move their chairs closer – the beauty of such an intimate venue.

As Ryan tunes his guitar and slips off his converse the small crowd wait with anticipation. After listening to Ryan all afternoon in the sunshine I am excited to hear how the young singer songwriter sounds live. Accompanied by backing vocals and percussion, Lee Eksioglu perches on what seems to be a box. As Ryan jumps into his first track ‘Bring It Home’, I turn to my friend and whisper ‘wow’. I think I can speak on behalf of everyone else sat in the seaside venue and say no-one would be leaving disappointed.

Lee adds to the act perfectly offering backing vocals as well as tapping on his home made drum and playing the symbols. As Ryan continues through his set I am left bewildered at the ease he moves his way around the guitar, possibly the best strumming, plucking and tapping I have ever heard. So when he later tells us he recently lost all movement in his thumb after a wine bottle incident and even bigger smile appears to my already grinning face.

Ryan delivers a selection of slow, uplifting and ‘bluesy’ songs as well as keeping the audience entertained with his little stories in between. He has great pleasure in telling the female dominated crowd that he is about to tour with Australian guitar legend Thomas Leeb.

For me the highlight of the evening is when Ryan goes it alone and plays the track ‘Thank You’ completely unplugged. This works so well in this kind of venue as the acoustics are great and the crowd once again move a little closer to listen to the tribute that Ryan sings to his nan. For me this was the winning song of the evening, I was able to sit, sip my wine and take in the pure talent that he possesses.

Ryan continues playing tracks from his first ep as well as one of the best covers I have ever heard of a well chosen Killers track. Ryan finished the evening by playing ‘Skin and Bones’ a song yet to be performed live but sounding just as great as his collection during the evening.

Tonight provided a great end to a perfect day in Falmouth. An amazing performer who sheepishly appeared on stage before leaving a crowd who would definitely be walking away telling all their friends about the talent they have just heard.